In today’s episode of Debt Nation: Idea Cafe & TogetherTec


Steele Archer sits down with Jubilee Briscoe, a biologist, economist, and creator of two new platforms: Idea Cafe and TogetherTec. When first starting out, Jubilee formed CrowdDemocracy, a personal vlog to explore and discuss ideas for bringing tech into a more cooperative stage of development.

Idea Cafe Changes the Social Media Paradigm

“The more people involved in a project, the more time a conversation takes. Idea Café allows each individual a space to speak and be heard within a greater conversation. It is a platform that can easily change the world”

Current social media platforms profit from divisive tactics, at the expense of the user’s mental health. The higher the emotional reaction to a story, the higher the engagement. The greater the engagement, the more dopamine is released from notifications and likes. It is part of what makes fake news survive and thrive. Everybody is an expert on everything, yet no one is an expert on anything.

Jubilee wanted to start the Idea Cafe concept where people will have the option to meet in video or real-life groups and chat about a specific topic. The goal of the groups is not to start a debate. Instead, it is to have real conversations with the input of various experiences and perspectives. Idea Café draws its inspiration from the World Cafe methodology for hosting productive large group dialogue.

Think of it as speed dating meets chat roulette, but for thought-provoking discussions that stimulate progress. And, instead of focusing on building your social media profiles with avatars to boost your perceived authority on topics, Idea Cafe offers people the opportunity to show up with only their knowledge and perspective to contribute to the broader conversation.


“Most people today can feel how dire the need is for a paradigm shift. Whether we agree on what the shift needs to be, we need to be tackling many inter-connected problems, simultaneously.”

Subsequently, CrowdDemocracy began to produce another idea. Imagine something like a “Netflix of apps” that is owned collectively by the people who use the apps. This was a natural segue into TogetherTec.

Jubilee poses this question to us:

What if we owned Facebook together? Jubilee’s vision is that we would create it to give us the information we can trust, to connect us with new people and new ideas that are going to benefit us, and to have control over our own data. The likelihood of placing Facebook under user cooperative control is, obviously, nearly non-existent. However, we can create our own spaces for more cooperative technology that benefits humanity.

TogetherTec Projects

“I don’t think we have a lack of solutions on this planet, a lack of intellect or people that care. I think we have a lack of organization.”

Here are just a few of the projects TogetherTec is working on:

  • A Politician IMDb – This would be a database of what we know about the past, present, and likely future of politicians. By compiling their positions, voting records, and history of campaign promises they kept.
  •  Collective History Comes Alive – Compile all of our knowledge of the past into a searchable database where you can see what life was like for ancestors or other groups. We now have the ability to see the past and present to see what the future may hold in ways never done before.
  •  Collaboration Stations – A platform to post projects that need the help of other local people. Neighborhood greenhouses, food delivery, clothing exchanges, and more projects can find users with similar interests.

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