In today‚Äôs episode of Debt Nation: Coronavirus & Fear

  • Implications of fear surrounding the Coronavirus.
  • As a fearism thinker, what is the best fear-management system for the world?
  • Bill Gates’ warning that 10 million deaths could occur if the virus spreads to Africa.
  • The effect of international flight difficulties impacting TAFFD as a result of Coronavirus.
  • What role can fear to play in this complex situation?

Steele is joined by returning guest Osinakachi Kalu is the President & Founder of the Transdisciplinary Agora for Future Discussion (TAFFD). TAFFD’s goals are to demonetize progress through knowledge and be a hub for scholars to expand the mind to limitless possibilities. Osinakachi also manages Gaia H20 Africa, a company aimed at providing access to clean water for everyone around the world.

The Fear Matrix

Osinakachi explores how fear is compounding the issues surrounding the Coronavirus outbreak by explaining more about what is called “The Fear Matrix”. Fear can be both a positive and negative influence on a person’s emotions. The matrix looks a little something like this:

Fear Matrix

In the case of outbreaks of illness like various strains of Coronavirus, we can go through stages where, collectively, we are all across the board. The fear-mongering of the media keeps us in the 1 and 2 range. Some people rebel against the fear-mongering by positioning themselves in 3. Finally, as a vaccine or cure comes closer to reality, we will begin to linger in 3 and 4 until the next one comes around.

Fear-Management Education

Take note that we should not allow fear to be used as a control mechanism. Therefore, it is important that the world work toward creating effective fear-management tactics in cases such as a viral outbreak. However, in order to do this, we must put into place some control mechanisms to prevent those with little to no understanding of the complex issues from over-reacting in potentially dangerous ways. This is no easy task and is fraught with dilemmas.

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