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  • Democratic Debate Analysis with Ben Zion & Charlie Kam

Steele sits down with returning guests Ben Zion and Charlie Kam, the 2020 presidential and vice-presidential candidate nominees for the US Transhumanist Party. This time, we’re discussing the 9th Democratic Debate with insightful analysis and hilarious commentary!

BigFoot Warren STOMPS the Competition

The most recent debate was full of slams from Elizabeth Warren and, as Charlie points out, set the tone for the rest of the evening. Warren wasted no time in pointing out Bloomberg’s past transgressions against women and minorities. The first question was posed to Sanders about how he felt about Bloomberg, but Warren interjected herself to say “We’re running against a billionaire who calls women fat broads and horse-faced lesbians. And, no, I’m not talking about Donald Trump, I’m talking about Mayor Bloomberg.”

Our panelists agree that after this debate, it is clear that only Warren and Sanders are pulling ahead as frontrunners. Although, we must wonder if the powerful performance by Warren will be enough to make her pull ahead of Sanders. And, does it mean they will combine efforts for a Sanders/Warren ticket? They would make a dynamic duo.

Democratic Debate Strategy & $$

Money is an important aspect of running in any election. What was the inspiration for Warren showing her teeth on the debate stage? As Charlie points out, it may have come from the previous debate where Amy Klobuchar came out swinging. Consequently, Amy got a sizable boost in her campaign funding & polls. Perhaps Warren wants to show she’s got the guts, too.

Watch the video to hear our panelists weigh-in and their final predictions of the outcome! Additionally, we want to thank Thrivous for sponsoring this episode of Debt Nation! Details are in the video on how you can win free Thrivous products.

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